Submit a Service Request using the Service Portal


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    In order to submit your Service Request using these instructions you must first be logged into the Service Portal

    Once in the Service portal you'll notice the following menu down the left side of your screen.

    To begin submitting your Service Request click "New Ticket"

    A New page loads requesting the information relevant to your Service Request - Use the table below if you need help with the options.

    Type of Support Issue This dropdown is used to select the type of issue your having in order to help the support staff address it more adequately. We may not have the specific issue type your having - simply select the closest one that seems to fit to you.
    Contact This dropdown allows you to select the contact this ticket is for. Depending on the type of user you are you may have several people in this list or just yourself.
    Phone Please make sure your phone number is listed correctly to ensure our technical staff can reach you if needed.
    Email Please make sure the correct email address is listed to ensure our technical staff can reach you if needed and that notifications are delivered successfully.
    Address Verify your address is correctly listed in case any onsite visits are needed.
    Requested Date Entering a Requested date is optional and will help us to more effectively plan our service delivery. This is the date you desire the service be completed by. It is not guaranteed but is used as a guide post for our staff.
    Emergency If your request is an emergency you can check this box. Emergencies are situations such as a site down or server down scenario or a problem preventing critical business operations. Please follow up any emergency entries with a phone call to our dispatcher at (608) 785-3030 option 2
    PO Number PO Number is used only in the event of an order request for products - Most users will not use this field
    Summary The summary is used to quickly help us identify the requests when viewing them. Think of it as an email subject. Try to be descriptive but brief.
    Description of Problem The description is used to provide in depth information. Please be as descriptive as possible. Include Errors, Steps to recreate the problem, and details about the scope of the problem.
    Attach a Document This section is optional - you can use it to attach documents, manuals, screenshots, and other files that will aid us in the resolution of your request.

    Once you have all the details entered in your Service Request click "Save" in the upper left of your screen.

    See Managed your Service Request for further information on how to work with requests.